One-Sided Love: One Week Later

One-Sided Love: One Week Later

16-17th August marked my second play for stage and what an experience it was. The cast made the script come to life and they all performed amazing. The two sold out shows were overwhelming because to think that the people in the audience had taken their time out to come to see our play performed.

One-Sided Love: Last minute thoughts from the Writer

Tomorrow night marks my second play for stage, another night of giving a piece of myself to theatre. I’m absolutely made up that I decided not to Direct this piece because Caitlin and Zara have made One-Sided Love better than I ever could. The dress rehearsal for me was something special. To see your words come to life never gets old for me. It’s an amazing feeling, Every writer knows that feeling that I’m talking about.

As most of you know I also direct plays, I know first hand how hard it is and I know the sacrifices that have to be made in your personal life is unbelievable. Directors haven’t got it easy, let me tell you. They have to continually live their life through the play, make edits subsequently they act as writers as well as directing. Caitlin and Zara have done exceptionally well with this script. I’m so proud what they’ve accomplished and I’m excited to see One-Sided Love come to life Tomorrow night. I would like to take this time to thank them both so much for their passion. I know what sacrifices have had to be made in order to get this to stage and I’m forever in your debt.

Lew, Deborah, Emma, Steve, Daryl and Sophie; I know that we’ve been very demanding of your time but your hard work, passion and sacrifice will pay off tomorrow night. You are the characters that I written from my heart to paper. These roles were written for each and everyone of you and I couldn’t have asked for better actors to play my creations. I’m looking forward to the audience reactions when they see all of you smash the fuck out of this play.

Finally, a message to all you creatives out there. I’m a self taught director and writer. I didn’t go to college or university. I don’t claim to be perfect, but you can’t let fear stop you. Mistakes make you better. You learn as you go, but if you don’t have a go, how will you know? Get yourself out there and enjoy the experience. You’ll be surprised by yourself. Passion overcomes everything.

Friday marks Likeminded’s 3rd birthday and we will be celebrating afterwards at the The Liverpool Arts Bar. We will also be celebrating the wrap of One-Sided Love on Saturday so make sure to get our very own cocktail,' ‘Love Affair’ at the bar and celebrate a very bright future!!

Dream big.

Word by Christopher Woodward

Images by Bob Towers, Rob Morris, Joe Harper & Andrew Smith