Previously in the Likeminded Art Series

The Likeminded Art Series is a project aimed to find local talent in Liverpool and allow artists to show off their talents and creativeness.

This will also give artists a name and allow their designs to be showcased on a number of things including the websites, a new edition of badges and other pieces of merchandise.

The series will run until January 2018.

The real aim of the art series is helping local talent get recognised for their work and how important art is for Liverpool’s culture.

Co-founder of Likeminded Productions, Christopher Woodward said: ‘Likeminded is built on the foundation of a painting in the walker art gallery ‘struggle for existence’ by George Goddard, so it's important to be in contact with the art world. We have 1 slot remaining and we are looking for an artist to put his or her own personality to our logo.’

It's an opportunity for us to engage and work closely with upcoming artists in Liverpool to design our next edition of badges, merchandise and website.

This is also a chance for artists to put their own personality into creating the likeminded logo and showing off how creative they are and what they can achieve.


Art in Liverpool

Liverpool is coveted for abstract art scene and culture. We house the famous Tate Art Gallery.

The Tate Gallery is an executive non-departmental public body and charity.

Its aim is to give the public enjoyment and an understanding of British art from the 16th century to the present day and of international modern and contemporary art.

Liverpool is also home of The Walker Art Gallery, one of the finest art galleries in Europe and the national gallery of the North.

It houses renaissance masterpieces, Tudor portraits and the one of the best collections of Victorian and pre-Raphaelite art in the country.

Some of the art has been on display in the city for nearly 200 years.

The official website quotes "The history of the gallery and its collection reflects the people of Liverpool's commitments to and appreciation of the arts. It also illustrates the generosity of the city's leaders in ensuring public access to such works."

The Trophy Room gallery, based in Liverpool, describe themselves as an art-led space and creative platform open for emerging artists to perform intimate shows, talks and workshops.

Alexander J Croft founded the gallery in May 2015 and was made to invite the viewer to interpret counterparty art on a different manner with tis rustic aesthetic and immerse feel.


Previous installments of the art series

The first installment of this project was created by Alex Hoyle representation of the likeminded logo.

Likeminded by Ali Hoyle -  @alexandrahoyle_textiles

Likeminded by Ali Hoyle - @alexandrahoyle_textiles

Local graffiti artist Rob Morris aka hegdish created the second installment of this project, he showed his representation of our logo with a twist.

Likeminded by Rob Morris -  @hegdish

Likeminded by Rob Morris - @hegdish

Likeminded Art Series is still looking for its final artist to get involved.
If you are an artist and would like to be apart of this then get in touch now.

We are Likeminded.

Words by Megan McDonnald
Design by Ali Hoyle & Hegdish
Pictures by Andrew Smith