The year ahead

We have got an exciting year ahead, with projects from the whole rosta at likeminded. Firstly, we would like to take the time to thank everyone for the continued support.

What a year 2017 was for us. It marked our debut production and first book release under Likeminded Guy Publication. Now 2018 is here and a new year to set the bar even higher for ourselves. We at Likeminded treat every project like a campaign, big or small. We have a fantastic team at Likeminded and we can't wait to showcase everyone's talents this year from myself, Christopher Woodward, Andrew Smith and the rest of the Likeminded team. 


We will start with our upcoming project/campaign with a short film presented by Andrew smith which is currently underway. The title of this project is called: Unspoken. This project is aimed at cyber bullying and the effects it has on young victims. We have seen a massive increase of cyber bullying in recent years with youngsters between 16-18 taking their own lives due to abuse with social media platforms being the main course. Look out for the Likeminded Talk article about this in the coming weeks. This project will hopefully help to showcase the powerful message we are trying to portray in the short film.

We have my own project/campaign coming up with my debut play; Life After Life. The date for this will be announced very soon, have a read of the official synopsis:

 2 guys. 2 different lives. Same fate. 

Meet Jimmy and Eric on their journey towards their final destination. They share the same illness but have different attitudes towards the biggest lie we tell ourselves.... Death. See their struggles, hear their stories and enjoy this heart felt play written by Liverpool born writer, Ashley Ali.

This is the year of hard work and creativity for us. This is just a snippet of what is to come. It's very exciting and we hope you enjoy everything we have to offer. We want to hear from upcoming writers, directors, producers. If you'd be interested in joining the Likeminded team, get in touch now.

We are Likeminded.

Words by Ashley Ali
Design by Christopher Woodward