Life after Life - One week later

A week ago today, we debuted our original play Life after Life written by our very own Ashley Ali. For us, we feel a bit upset that the experience is over. That might seem like a lie because If you’ve followed our journey through this, you will know the difficulties we had to overcome to see this project through. 

We learnt so much in these 13 weeks and gained real friendships, met creative and talented people along the way that hopefully we can help and collaborate with in the future. The main positive through all this is that the mistakes we did make have been our biggest lessons and will make us better for 2019. 

To the people who came out and showed their support and made the two showings a sellout (it was packed to the brim), thank you. It meant so much and it makes us more determined to carry on and keep doing what we are doing. Remember, our door is always open to everyone. Doesn’t matter about your background or no experience in the field, all you need is passion and that is good enough for us. I’ll be personally taking a break from Likeminded until the new year but Ashley and Andrew will be still running everything.

See you guys in 2019

Words & Pictures by Christopher Woodward

Christopher Woodward

Founder & Company Director of Likeminded Productions