An Introduction to Mindless

At the beginning of August Likeminded Productions announced their latest short film ‘Mindless’.

Written by Christopher Woodward and Ashley Ali with Andrew Smith taking the role of Cinematographer and the new addition to Likeminded, Caitlin Bradley directing. This powerful project will be focusing on knife crime and the effect it has on society. 

The city’s knife crime rate has increased 18% from last years. The Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) said most types of crime stayed at similar levels to 2016, whereas knife crime rose by 22%.

The high-profile deaths of Sam Cook and Daniel Gee-Jamieson through stabbings and the number of stabbings taking place in the city centre, have been well documented in the press both here in Liverpool and across the UK. With the level of knife related crime in the city reaching a level that has led to a call for metal detectors to be installed in all Liverpool nightclubs.

The statistic that most crimes stayed at the same level of crime, whereas knife crime rose by almost ¼, shows just how increasingly ‘popular’ stabbings are becoming, with the senseless crimes of late, with a new stabbing/knife crime taking place at least once a week.

The aim of this new short film is to showcase and highlight these rising mindless crime that so many in Liverpool have suffered due to.

The Work has started on this powerful project and will be hopefully completed by the end of 2018  or beginning of 2019.  Check out our next article when we sit down with director Caitlin Bradley about her time on Life after Life and Mindless Short film.