Radio dramas and beyond!


Over the years, radio dramas have become less popular than they used to be. A radio drama is an audio performance, broadcast on radio or a form of audio media.

The drama is a solo piece, with no accompanying video. It depends on the dialogue, music and sound effects to help the audience relate to the characters and story.

Back in the 1930s, radio dramas were very popular with dozens of programmes in a variety of different genres. From soap operas and comedies to thriller and mystery.

After the popularity of television, radio dramas had never regained their full appeal.

That is, however until recently when the rise in the popularity of podcasts made radio dramas a new medium of communication.

Podcasts, as with radio dramas have more freedom to their content. There are no restrictions to the length or content and the fact that they cost little to no money to produce, due to the lack of filming equipment means that it is a great starting point for those looking for a foot into the industry.

Nowadays, most radio dramas have a comedy element to help them appeal to a younger audience.

The BBC is still by far the most prolific broadcaster in the world, airing around 650 hours this year, with 200 of those being single plays.

Chelsea Connor used to write sketches for Radio 4 and gave us her take on what opportunities it gives upcoming actors and writers.

"I think radio is a great way to breakthrough especially if it's dramas that you're interested in. It's a challenge but if it goes well, it can really open up many doors in terms of writing. It helped me a lot with securing more work in the script writing industry."

Likeminded co-founder Chris Woodward is turning his hand to this traditional form of writing with his new radio drama, 'One-Sided Love'.


We all crave to be loved, we all crave to be wanted by someone and most importantly to exist.

One-sided love shows this emotion in great detail, 4 different characters on the pursuit of the above.

Can you love two people at the same time? Do fairy tales exist? Do we know who we really are when were in love?


Words by Megan Kay
Design by Christopher Woodward