Auditions are changing the story?!


Unbelievable response to our audition call for the two main characters in our radio drama "One-Sided Love" on Monday. Thanks to everyone who came. We where all shocked at how much talent we saw in front of our very eyes. Every single one of them was fantastic and everyone brought something different to the role of Iris and Jasper.

At the beginning, I had a clear picture of who Iris and Jasper would be, how they would sound, how they would act. But after Monday, the two characters have totally changed for me. This has never happened to me before. The audition performances has blown the 3 of us away. We’ve been doing this the last 18 months and we have not come across the challenge we now face to pick one actress for Iris and one actor for Jasper.

We will be looking back at the audition tapes this week and hopefully have a decision by the weekend. We are hoping to also bring this to the stage next year.

Make sure to get your free copy of "One-Sided Love" on April 20th.

Words by Christopher Woodward
Pictures by Ashley Ali

Andrew Smith

Producer at Likeminded Productions