One-Sided Love Call Backs!

Last night we held our call backs. We now have an even harder task in picking an actress to play Iris in the radio drama, One-sided love, out of the talented actresses we have seen. Unbelievable. In the call backs we gave them more demanding scenes to act and I have to say every one of them was amazing and I can’t believe we have to pick only one.

So the next couple of days we will be making our final decision. The problem I have all the voices of the actresses who came last night sounds like Iris which I have in my head.

Unfortunately, we haven’t found the right actor to play Jasper out of the talented actors who came to the auditions and call backs. We do really appreciate you coming along and showing interest but the voice I have in my head is not matching to what I’ve seen or heard, nothing to do with the actors they was amazing, the problem is me. I need to find the right voice. So with that said we will be holding auditions sometime in may, so if you know any male actors who would be interested then please tell them to get in touch. A audition call will be live on our site very soon.


Words & Photo by Christopher Woodward
Design by Bob Towers & Andrew Smith

Christopher Woodward

Founder & Company Director of Likeminded Productions