REVIEW: One-Sided Love

Our latest production script, One-Sided Love was recently reviewed by Daniel Moxon. Take a look.

One-Sided Love in a nutshell by Daniel Moxon

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One-Sided Love has everything you would want from a typical forbidden love story – romance, caution, inevitable heartbreak and an alcoholic best friend who advises against the whole thing.

Okay, maybe that last one isn’t the regular deal, but the script for the upcoming radio play promises an engaging romantic rendezvous with the appropriate twists and turns along the way.

Christopher Woodward’s script follows the affair of Jasper and Iris, a pair of ‘Daily Herald’ journalists who suffer from classic can’t-keep-their-hands-off-each-other syndrome, despite the former already having a girlfriend, Sarah.

Throughout the play focus shifts from the meeting of the pair, their falling in love, and then the inevitable fallout when push comes to shove, all covered in two acts.

The pace of the piece keeps the reader on their toes, with each scene showing much progression and evolution of the story.

Iris and Jasper, surnames not given, may be the protagonists of the piece, but it is the friend and confidant of the latter Jeremy who could have the potential to steal the show.

The layers of the character surpass all the others, showing him as a thoughtful and loyal friend, but also demonstrating the demons and shortcomings from which the everyday person can suffer, vis a vis his alcoholism and a past affair.

In the hands of the right actor, the Jeremy character could be a production classic for both radio and stage.

The strongest part of main character Jasper is the looming and ever-growing comparison to the mysterious Mr. Smith, a scandalous person in the public eye and the subject of a story being written by his friend Carl.

The lack of detailed information about Mr. Smith and the similarities to Jasper is a well-written part of the script, allowing the reader to use their imagination and picture what the scandalous character may be like and may have done.

Despite this, the main points of the story are all covered well and in more than enough detail to satisfy, even if more could have been done.

All in, with the right direction and cast, Likeminded Productions’ One-Sided Love could be a roaring success when it comes to being turned into the play, but to know for sure we’ll have to wait for its release in the coming months.

The script of One-Sided Love is now available to read and download for free via Likeminded Productions’ website.


Words by Daniel Moxon
Design by Bob Towers & Andrew Smith

Christopher Woodward

Founder & Company Director of Likeminded Productions