Caitlin Bradley: My Journey... so far

Before we start I just want to add I am not a writer nor do I claim to be, I have just put my thoughts down through typing and I type in a very conversational way...

My journey with “One-Sided Love” goes back to the end of 2018, October to be exact when Chris asked me if I wanted to direct the second play he has ever wrote! You can imagine the multiple feelings and thoughts I had, like what if I get it wrong? What if I mess up? I have to be 100% commit to this so I can’t do any other projects etc. If you know me personally I’m not one for making a decision until there is a sign or someone to tell me that’s it is okay. Wednesday 17th October I read the script for the very first time. 

 So it wasn’t until I went away in November / December with a TIE (Theatre in Education) touring pantomime that I was 100% convinced to take on this huge project. I met so many wonderful people on that tour but one in particularly said to me something that is going to stick with me for a very long time. He told me to take every opportunity with both hands, he told me to do as much as I can while I’m still young. Wednesday 5thDecember 2018 I decided I was ready for the biggest challenge of my career so far; I accepted the directorial role for “One-Sided Love”. 

So fast forward Christmas and New Year, Monday 14th January I went for an audition for a for a short film called “Presence” directed by Dave Morgan, I got it and filming took place Saturday 19th January where I met the fabulous Zara Brown. Wednesday 30th January I asked Zara Brown to be my assistant director for “One-Sided Love”. Whilst working on “Presence” I also met a wonderful lady called Ink, who is the most incredible lighting director and I have heard only good things about her, therefore I also asked Ink if she could be our lighting director for “One-Sided Love”. 

This is the first time I have ever directed a play before, therefore I am learning so much from Chris and Zara. It’s so interesting being sat on the other side, because I trained at Liverpool Theatre School as an Musical Theatre graduate, so sitting on the other side and being in charge of people is completely different and I myself have learnt so much, for example, how to write an interesting email with a good CV and headshot, I know this already because we got taught it but so it was so interesting to see how other people do it. 

Audition day, well should I say days the response was amazing, so good that we had to add another day, so we did Sunday 7th April and Monday 8th April. I was so nervous to the point where I was shaking because I thought they are judging me as much as I am judging the auditionees. There were so many amazing people who auditioned, Liverpool is so talented. I now understand when casting directors say you are amazing but just not right for the role, because there were a few people like that. I enjoyed this process so much! Then we had to do call backs because the talent was amazing so we cut 30 to 12. I felt a lot more relaxed in the call backs probably because I had already met these people once. Again the talent was unbelievable; it was the most difficult decision ever! However we had to make a choice and we did, although I wish there were more parts but I will definitely keep people in mind for future. WE HAVE A CAST AND AN AMAZING ONE TOO!

I have so much more respect for directors / casting directors who work behind the scenes even before the auditions start, I didn’t realise how many emails you have to send and the script work that needs sorting etc, all this goes on before you even meet the people. So hats off to people who do that every single day, I feel like I’ve not been off my laptop since this process started, but of course I don’t mind because it’s something I want to do and I have committed myself to this script therefore I want to do the best I can with it. 

I have got so many idea that I want to do with the script, I can’t say now because it might change and also I don’t want to ruin the plot. I would love it if people would come and support not only for me but my amazing cast and crew on our adventure for this fantastic show. 

Words by Caitlin Bradley
Images by Andrew Smith