Life after Life Script Book launch date announced!

We are happy to finally announce the launch date for our second release under Likeminded Guy Publications, Ashley Ali’s “Life after Life” Script Book. It will be available to purchase on our website Wednesday 8th May. You can order your copy now:

Andrew, Caitlin and I had the pleasure working closely with this script last October, in which it was performed for two nights at the Hope Street Theatre in Liverpool. Both nights where a sell out success and we enjoyed every moment of it. The reason behind releasing this as a script book is to firstly, give anyone the opportunity who didn’t have the chance to see Life after Life performed to read the script and get a good understanding of what we performed. Secondly, just like ‘The man with no identity’ the writing is powerful, emotional and a true reflection of the writers soul. 

You can really learn something about yourself through this play. I believe this can be enjoyed by any reader because life is life and we are all on the same journey and the destination we all share. With the help of the writers emotional detail that is described through the pain coming from the characters - especially Jimmy, Life is a journey and this play is certainly a rollercoaster just like that of life. So enjoy your copy of Life after Life and thank you all for your continued support!

Word by Christopher Woodward
Images by Andrew Smith

Christopher Woodward

Founder & Company Director of Likeminded Productions