One-Sided Love: First table read!

We’ve just had our first read through with all the actors in one room together! It went better than I ever imagined, it is lovely to actually hear the script come to life with the actors who are playing their part. I really enjoyed it and I can’t wait to actually start rehearsals now.  

The hardest part of this was probably getting all this talent in one room together, because they are all so busy with different projects which I completely understand being an actress myself. But once we found a date when everyone was available it all came together. After we got a date I then had to hunt for a rehearsal space because with it being “fringe season” lots of different companies are rehearsing for fringe so it was difficult to find a space but we got there in the end, thank you to The Casa. 

Once the read through was over we then discussed rehearsal dates with everyone to see when people are available, we wrote down lots of dates so then the next day Thursday 23rdMay I booked lots of different rehearsal spaces. This production is a profit share I have mainly gone with free rehearsal spaces so that we can pay our actors more money. I feel more organised now and I am ready to get to into rehearsals with the actors. 

Theses blogs are more like a diary for me and I hope it helps people who are directors or people who want to become directors, but also for the audience to see how much work goes on behind the scenes. I hope you enjoy reading them.

I am so excited to start rehearsals now because we’ve got a brilliant team and a great script! Also tickets will be available to buy very soon, keep watching our page for more information. Tickets will be £10 for all and that includes the booking fee. 

Words by Caitlin Bradley
Images by Andrew Smith