One-Sided Love: An insight with the writer

Set in the late 1970s, Christopher Woodward’s script shows the affair of Jasper and Iris, two journalists who go through all the stages of a workplace relationship, despite Jasper already having a girlfriend, Sarah.

This will be writer Christopher Woodward’s second play to go to the stage, and Likeminded Productions third following the two successful plays ‘The Man with No Identity’ and ‘Life After Life’.

I spoke to Chris to get an insight into the play and how it’s coming along.

 “So far it’s going great and I’m looking forward to seeing it unfold as the months go on.  We have two amazing Directors; Caitlin Bradley And Zara Marie Brown and the work and effort they have both put in so far is the best I’ve seen from a team. They had a huge job at the audition stages with a huge turnout. They have also done a brilliant job picking a great cast which I’m looking forward to seeing each character come to life.”

 “This is my second play for the stage. My main objective with this play is to show that we have all been heartbroken in some way which has been related to love. We have all witnessed the good side and the bad side of this emotion and every character showcases this powerful emotion in a different way, along with their insecurities. Sometimes we think we know what love is until we get hurt and realise the crucial reality. As Patricia one of the characters puts it nicely; Being loved and being wanted is two totally different things.”

Inspirations for the play comes from one of Christopher’s favourite films, the 2006 film, ‘The Holiday’ starring Kate Winslet and Jude Law.

 “A few people who really looks closely and really get the play will realise it’s a sort of back story of ‘The Holiday’. It’s not a spin off at all but I used the characters and circumstances to carry the story I’m trying to tell with a twist.

As a writer, inspiration always comes from either your own experience or your environment, that’s where I gained inspiration to write One-Sided Love. I’m a believer as a writer that you should always make a healthy relationship with the audience or reader by putting your heart and soul into what you are writing and that’s what I do, I put my truth through the pen. I never lie to my audience.”

Christopher,  continued to explain briefly about Iris, one of the main characters on what she represents.

“We can all relate so much to Iris as she represents our vulnerability towards love which we all can admit at some stage in our lives we have had that weakness. We have all got hurt massively by love. Our wanting to be loved which makes us blind sometimes of the red flags, that being Jasper. The man is ticking all the right boxes but we constantly ignore these constant red flags, why do we ignore?!! Is it our wanting, our insecurities, stopping us from seeing the truth?”

One-Sided Love was originally written for radio, however when the script was released as a free download, the huge response and the positive feedback, the demand for the drama to be taken to the stage was far too great to ignore. But, what changes have been made to the script?

“I've written three extra scenes for the stage version where I introduce Jasper, the main characters fiancée ‘Sarah’ into the storyline and a juicy extra scene with ‘Jeremy’ and ‘Carl’, which Caitlin and Zara pointed out that the play needed. I’ve tweaked a few bits with the help of Caitlin and Zara but nothing major, but I’m so happy with the final version that I can’t wait for what our two directors have planned for this piece.”

With this being Christopher’s second ever play he has written. I finally asked about his plans after One-Sided Love and what the future holds.

“Well since Ashley, Andrew and myself started Likeminded in 2016, we haven’t had any time off since then, with 2 short films, 3 productions for stage and 2 script book releases,  we deserve a good break. I’ve really enjoyed the  journey so far, but it’s good to take a break and come back with fresh new eyes and see what the next move is for us, as a production company, and me as a writer”.

“Before I go I would like to add,  the Liverpool Theatre Scene is booming at the moment which is absolutely amazing but, what people need to realise instead of competing, we all should be supporting. That’s how it will continue to grow, help each other out. Support is everything”.

One-Sided Love will be performing at the Hope Street Theatre on 16th-17th August at 7:30PM. This could be the last you see of Likeminded for awhile so get your tickets NOW and show your support!!

Words by Meg Kay
Photos by Andrew Smith