Likeminded talk to Meg Kay

Our Company Director, Christopher Woodward was recently interviewed by Meg Kay. Have read of the interview below.

Following two sell-out performances in The Casa, The Man with No Identity has been published in the form of a book by Likeminded Productions.

Under the umbrella of ‘Likeminded’ comes Likeminded Productions, Likeminded Guy Productions, set up by work friends Christopher Woodward and Ashley Ali.

The pair decided instead of waiting for local theatre companies to notice their work and have creative control over them, they could produce their own productions and have full control instead of somebody else's vision.

A year and a half in, and Likeminded is growing every day. Production editor Andrew Smith joined the team after the first showing of the play, and in the writers words – does an amazing job branding the play to his vision.

The Man With No Identity is a one man play, told through the eyes of Edgar J Harris. Edgar is a ruthless businessman willing to do anything to reach his goal. However, with success comes power, and with power comes money; all of which Edgar is hungry for.

The play follows Edgar as he shares his perspective on life, boasting about his lavish lifestyles and his ruthless strategies to get what he wants.

Christopher Woodward (Left) & Actor, Bob Towers

Christopher Woodward (Left) & Actor, Bob Towers

The books writer Christopher Woodward, aged 30 said “The Man With No Identity, its human nature without the mask.

“Everyone can relate to this play/book as we have all been in contact with someone like Edgar in some point in our life.”


On deciding to Publish

“I always had planned to get the man with no identity published the second that I was writing it. One of my favourite writers Henrik Ibsen who is a famous playwright wrote his plays for this purpose, a book.”

“I decided to also publish the man with no identity, as we done so well selling out our 2 shows that people who didn't see it would have the chance to read it.

“It's a strange feeling seeing your work presented in a book, I cannot put it into words”



Despite it being a difficult process, Chris loved every second of it, saying : “It took a year and half of my life but it was the best time of my life.

“Don't get me wrong we had ups and downs and it was never smooth sailing.”

The company have a lot of upcoming projects in the pipeline not just theatre productions, which they are very excited to showcase in the coming months, so watch this space with Likeminded.

Words by Megan Kay
Picture by Andrew Smith