One-Sided Love: Rehearsals so far

One-Sided Love rehearsals so far... Wow I am loving this process, working with all these talented people, I count myself so lucky. The energy and enthusiasm from everyone is just amazing! 

It’s lovely to see how much respect all the actors have for me, because I can't stress this enough, this is my first ever directing role for a full length play. It's new writing which has never been done before and in my opinion it’s more difficult because you can't copy or anything.... It's a big responsibility because this is Chris' writing and I've got to bring it to life. Like I’ve said before I am glad I have taken this role but I honestly didn’t know how much work needed to do behind the scenes if that makes sense, for example risk assessments, separate script for the lighting crew, just things like that! But I have got the fabulous Zara guiding me so we will be fine. I have learnt so much about everything really which is good and I cannot thank Zara enough. 

Everyone is getting along so well, the humour in the room I haven’t stopped laughing but can then snap back and be serious, it’s a healthy balance and I am really happy of how everything looks so far. Yes we need to get off book because then that will help with characters choices but majority of the play is blocked, so that’s good.  

The nature of the play is a touchy subject with relationships and cheating so we always stop to have discussions about what we as people think about it and then what would the character do and think about it. 

I am so proud of each and every person in this production and I just can’t wait to show it to you all. It is going to be a good show if I do say so myself, have you got your tickets yet? 

Words by Caitlin Bradley
Photos by Andrew Smith